“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up” – Picasso

Start with a blank canvas. Can you?

Watching a child begin a picture, there is no hesitation on color selection or what to draw. It is fluid and free. At times, it is chaotic. The large majority of adults would not know where to start.  Creative freedom is forgotten with the responsibilities of adulthood.  With life experience, limits are learned and nurtured until they are made our own. Stark comparisons to what could be and the work of the great painters, sculptors, and photographers kill the appetite to create. The next great painters shrink in their shadows. Yet, the legendary artists were not great once, they failed, they sought inspiration, and most importantly they continued to try.  Perfecting trying until they became the inspiration to others.

Yahoi Kusama, world famous artist had her calling as young girl.  She spoke of seeing polka dots everywhere.  Over run with them and hallucinating, she describes herself as being obliterated by them .These hallucinations also involved flowers speaking to Kusama, and the patterns in fabric that she stared at coming to life, multiplying, and engulfing or expunging her, a process which she has carried into her artistic career and calls “self-obliteration”.[13  It may have been a calling so strong, she had no choice but to create.  She has been interviewed many times and shared that art literally saved her life.  Interestingly, enough approaching her 88th birthday,  Yayoi Kusama has confined herself to an mental institution.  There Yayoi is still creating and actively working on her conceptual art.

The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama‘s 65-year-spanning retrospective “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors,” which kicked off its years-long world tour at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. last month. Took a look.  Mind blown.  The exhibit is playful, thought provoking, and unlike anything I have ever seen. The Hirshhorn has seen it’s membership grow dramatically given the insider member benefits of scoring a precious ticket to this one of a kind experience.   For those who may be unable to visit Washington DC it’s first stop,  the Washington Post did a fantastic 3 minute video highlighting the exhibition.  Click below.

Infinity Mirrors Exhibit Covered by The Washington Post

Full disclosure.  Having traveled and experienced world renowned art museums, my attention is typically held for about forty five minutes to an hour.  Art critics aghast, I know.  Life is short.  Traversing the floors and lingering at the paintings I liked, while cruising by all the styles I don’t care for, it’s a formula that works for me.    Having traveled to amazing museums in a hit and run fashion, the Yayoi Kasuma Infinity Mirrors exhibit was the first experience where I didn’t  check my watch or dart for the door sixty minutes in.  To experience this properly, there are a few things you need to know in advance to fully appreciate this series:

  1. Get your tickets.  For Hirshhorn Members, you have an “anytime” ticket which allows you to be in a separate members line from the general public. If you are not a member, you can join for a $50.00  which is 100% tax deductible membership. Included in the membership along with the standard Hirshorn member benefits is two tickets to the Infinity Mirror exhibit.  Score.
  2. Eat before you go.  Expecting a 60 minute drive by experience, this was not it.  Each piece has a line. When you enter to experience it, there a 30 to 60 seconds max time frame.  Not much time to take pictures.
  3. Solidify your group.  My recommendation would be to go in groups of 2 or 4.  You will get a little more time to experience and view the exhibits as a result.  The museum employees responsible for the queuing  allowed for extended time in parties of two or four. Pick your favorite people.  There is a lot of time in the lines so you will want to be with people you want to catch up with.  This worked perfectly for my day there.  Great crew, great time.
  4. Study up on Yayoi Kasuma. I was completely drawn in by her Zoolander look.  After the exhibit, I had to learn more.The show was light on details on her life and what she was all about.    There are probably pros and cons to knowing her story before you see her art.  It may distort or enhance your experience.  I walked away wishing I had known more about her.
  5. Enjoy it.  We were a bit silly taking pictures from all angles.  After asking if we could lay on the floor and receiving the response from the Hirshorn employee, “well I’m not going to fight you over it.”, giggles turn to all out laughter. We later learned that an out of control selfie taker ended up taking down one of the yellow day glow pumpkins.  Sadness.  So check yourself, before you wreck it for the rest of us.   Pictures are fantastic to capture a moment in time but looking lens free brings you closer to what the artist intended.







When something awful happens, it can be a tremendous gift.

When something awful happens, it can be a tremendous gift.  A friend who had been through the same devastating loss as a 15 year old girl, shared this with meThis was the advice I clung to when my Dad passed away 5 years ago.. Upon hearing the news my Dad was gone suddenly and without warning, I made my way to the airport to fly from Washington DC to Florida. For the full 13 mile drive to Washington Reagan Airport, I screamed in pain and agony. The grief was unbearable. When you lose someone incredibly close to you, your life is divided between what was and what is reality now. Struggling in the months and even years to follow, I tried to keep my heart open and as my wise friend told me looked for gifts from the experience.  As I reflect back, the gifts have been strikingly beautiful and life changing.

1. The first gift, Buddha is fine and happy. Two days after my Dad passed. I opened the front door of my parents house and was literally blinded by the brightness of the sun. I called my mom and sister Jenna to the door .  I felt compelled to share it with them. As we were standing there, I snapped a picture of the sun. Later on that day, I looked at picture. It looked like a Pink Buddha siting on top of a palm tree. My nickname for my Dad was Buddha.  The name stuck because he often rubbed his belly when he was happy or thinking about something. I like to think this was the first gift from him to us  letting us know he was okay.

2. The second gift was peace. “When you are in heaven, you experience indescribable peace and the greatest feeling of love you can imagine”.  One of my Dad’s close friends, shared a story with my Mom and sisters that was only known to his immediate family.  This friend had a serious surgery and while on the operating table had a near death experience.  He could see his family outside of the operating room overwrought with concern.  He had great visibility to everything that was happening below him as the surgeons worked to restore him.  As he watched what was happening below, he felt an overwhelming feeling of love, peace and happiness.   He was confused as to why his family was concerned because he had never felt so amazingly good.   He shared with us, “Your Dad is that place.  I have experienced it. He has no concerns and is filled with utter and complete joy.”

3.  The third gift is new experiences and accomplishments. Everyone deals with grief differently.  I am the oldest of four girls. Each one of us dealt with our loss in a different ways. My youngest sister became an avid runner.  She shared that on her runs, she would talk to my Dad and experience signs that he was still there watching over us. She completed the Marine Corp Marathon with a highly competitive time, only seven months after my Dad passed. Attending the Marine Corp Marathon was such a positive rallying cry for us all to support her and to realize very good things can happen post losing my Dad.  We will never forget the people who showed up but continue to be angels on Earth for us to this day.

My sister closest in age, an accomplished educator and elementary school principal, led by example and took the opportunity to help her staff prioritize what is important and take time out with family for the special moments in life.  My other sister also a successful educator, invests time to reach out to everyone by phone connecting regularly.   My Mom keeps many of our traditions in tack but also has grown in so many ways, her strength and commitment to family is our greatest example now.

My outlet was to go the golf course and play golf. I had never really played the game but a handful of times. When my Dad was here, he took me for a few rounds. We shared laughs about the decisions I would make lining up a shot or about my life in general.  I found needed a place away from my family, it had been a year and I was still an emotional mess. By myself, as I walked the course and worked on my game,  I could feel his presence. There was no question Dad was there with me.  I went so often that I managed to establish a handicap and come in third in our women’s club championship.  Something that I had never set out to do but was another gift stemming from the experience.

4.  The fourth gift was the ability to give back to the community. We established a not for profit to keep my father’s legacy alive.  Dad mentored kids who did not have strong father figures or just in general needed help.  Dad had a true soft spot for the athlete who had a good heart, tried hard, but was not the strongest student. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” was one of his many motivating phrases to keep kids he worked with focused.

We established the Ted Rullo Foundation which has now provided 4 college scholarships to deserving student athletes.  This is a small way to keep my Dad’s passion for assisting student athletes going.  This was a tremendous healing opportunity for myself, my sisters, and my Mom.  There is no prescription stronger than doing something nice for others.

There have been so many gifts to my family since that terrible day. Stories about my Dad that we never knew.  New friendships with people touched by his life.  We also have gifts that we share with others that would not have been possible prior to profound loss.   All of us now have the gift of empathy for others who lose a loved one. More than empathy, we are propelled to act to help those grieving when we can. We all have the gift of living for the moment and making the most out what life has to offer. We share a deeper faith and understanding that God has a plan for all of us.

In this world, we are all connected.  If you are deep in grief, look for the signs and stay open. My girlfriend who offered that life saving advice that titles this blog, shared with me two  years ago that her Dad passed on January 5th. That day happens to be my birthday. I have come to learn there are no coincidences. Another powerful piece of evidence of the greater plan, is watching my niece who just turned three. Watching her giggle, play, and smile is a beautiful sign of life in all of it’s abundance.  By the way, did I tell you that she touches her belly when she is thinking?  Buddha is fine and happy.

You Got Served

There are very few times in my life where I have felt completely humbled. The Wesley Tennis social was one of them. Feeling bored with my exercise routine, I went looking for a way to meet people and keep fit. I attended a tennis social not knowing what one was. First mistake. Turns out it was a mixer.  Everyone knew the rules but me. The pro quickly assembled people into groups based on their USTA ratings. When it came to my turn, I said with a big smile, “I’m not sure what my rating is, it’s my first time out here.” The groans and sneers were audible and visible. Rarely deterred, I took my place on the court with three other women who were soon to learn patience is a virtue.

We started hitting the ball and warming up. Being athletic, I could connect fairly well with basic ground strokes and was decently quick. A competent tennis player has eight basic shots in his or her repertoire: the serve, forehand, backhand, volley, half-volley, overhead smash, drop shot, and lob. I had none of them.  In addition, I had several other issues like;  keeping the ball in play,  knowing how to keep score, and understanding where to position myself as the points progressed.  You get the picture right?  I had a lot to work on. As we played for one of the longest hours of my life, there were a number of times that I thought I should just walk off.  I was feeling terrible for the other women, who showed up to play rather than witness the hot mess that was my tennis game.  It was that embarrassing.

Cowards never start. The weak never finish and winners never quit.  I was crazy enough to come out to the Tennis Social knowing next to nothing so why would incompetence get in the way of a good sweat?  I persisted and laughed more.  I had a handful of good shots which encouraged me to continue.  I also had a visualization that maybe with time and practice I could do this.  Thankfully, the lades I played with had the patience of Mother Theresa. So we all survived.

If the club doesn’t want you, form your own club. That week my brainstorm was there had to be others like me who wanted to learn how to play tennis, were decently athletic, and who could thrive in a  a safe zone away from the judgement of the highly skilled.  In that moment, the idea for the Hip and Fabulous Tennis League was born. 

We rounded up about 12 of us to start. The only court time available was from 9:30 to 11:00 on Monday nights.  No witnesses was a good thing.  We had a pretty broad range of talents from women who had played tennis in college to those who joined so they could wear the cute tennis skirts. One thing that everyone had in common was a positive attitude, an openness to learn, and a kinship to the women we had assembled. It was a formula that worked. Seven years later, the league persists.  While members have come and go,  there is still a bastion of committed players.  Additionally, a good section of the girls have joined the club Tennis team.  They play with REAL tennis teams weekly.  I got to say that is the what really makes my heart swell with pride.  That this band of well meaning, good timing , tennis misfits grew into a legitimate tennis team. I can say with confidence that all of our girls are at least 3.5 players or better.  I have smiled to myself many times amazed at the rallies and how far the group has come.

A couple of quick tips to summarize, if you have designs on starting something locally:

  1. Find a group of willing women.  If you are planning to make is social and run two courts, I would recommend finding 12-16 women to accommodate for subs. Sense of humor is equally important to athletic capability.
  2. Take a few clinics together.  It’s pretty inexpensive to drop into a clinic where there are 6 or so players.  It’s a good way to practice and get tips from the experts.
  3. Join the US Tennis Association – For just 44/year, you have access to a number of benefits and can drop in on local leagues if you want more playing time.  This also gives you a good guide of what your self rating is so you can readily drop into a tennis social and not humiliate yourself.
  4. Take the scheduling burden off the organizer.  We use the doodle app to have people self schedule their availability.  This way our scheduler can quickly assemble who can play and rotate individuals to bring a fresh can of balls.
  5. Make it fun.  We have outings and get togethers in the beginning and end of seasons.  We did corny awards where people voted for the best legs, the most likely to take a ball to head, the most competitive, and the most likely to need a sub among others.  All in fun, all in jest. It gave some of us a much needed hall pass away from kids and husbands when it was time for the end of season “Tennis Banquet.”
  6. Keep it casual.  As we were learning, we did not tie off and have permanent tennis partners.  This enabled you to play with different people each week and kept the league social rather than competitive.
  7. Play to Win – While it wasn’t an uber competitive league, we all still liked to win. We would  start our matches “Love,  Love, and an added Good Luck Ladies.”.  The last part being a little tongue and cheek meaning “good luck you are going to need it. ” End of Season tournaments were organized in a round robin fashion where the number of games out of 5 that you won accrued points.   We had a big trophy for the Hip and Fab tourney winner for the person who won the most games.  I’m not sure who was prouder, the winner or their family members who got to look at the trophy on the mantle all year until the next season.  We di have one husband hold the trophy outside his SUV Sunroof for a victory lap around the neighborhood.  Hilarious.

So to sum it up. Tennis is a game you can easily play from 8 years old to your 80’s.  If you are thinking about starting, grab some friends and use some of the tips above.  It’s been a nice way to keep connected throughout the year.  Many friendships have deepened as a result of a core group coming together.  This has also led to many first time and fun experiences outside of tennis. Martina Navratilova approached life learning head on and is a great example of how determination can add new dimensions to your life.  I hope it leaves you with a little inspiration to try something new.

“I like to conquer my phobia. I was afraid of heights; I got a pilot’s license. My biggest fear was to drown, so I got a scuba-diving license. I get embarrassed dancing by myself, so I figured, why not do it in front of millions of people.”

—All-time tennis great Martina Navratilova, on why she is one of 12 well-known hopefuls competing in Season 14 of Dancing with the Stars


Being Your Authentic Self

Take Inventory. When you are at your very best, how does it feel?  Do you have one self that is different in front of various audiences – the self with your family, the self with your co-workers, the self when you meet someone new or the back in time self you had in your formative years?  I love this video of this Boy Giggling – Being his True Authentic Self .   No one is telling him to be quiet and he is full on enjoying life.  He hasn’t learned that uncontrollable laughter is not common place.  He is in the moment and you can see the happiness emanating from his soul.  This is one example of being your Authentic Self.  To net it out, when you are your Authentic Self, you are not overthinking what you are saying, you are not worried about how people will perceive you, you are living life without self inflicted restraints.  Your spirit is happy and you smile often.

Wherever you go., there you are.   A very special, close family friend coined this phrase and it has lived a lifetime in our circle.  It was said initially in a self-deprecating, but also empowering way.  Basically the net of it is, make the most of the moment and make the most of the people you are with.   I can say with confidence that wherever I am, it’s where I want to be.  If I attend your party or special event, it is because I truly care about you and want to invest the time. If I’m invited to something that I don’t want to be present at by a close friend, I tell them.  Being direct and honest, I try to lead by example.  I want my friends to have the same freedom.  Be where you want to be, when you want to be there.  I see some of my friends and family members struggle with commitments and overextending themselves out of guilt. What they don’t realize, is their authentic selves come through and the fact that they are not genuinely excited and don’t truly want to be there drains the positive energy in the room.  When you are you true authentic self, it is incredibly liberating. Everyone wins.  It has a multiplier effect.

You are the sum average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  I believe this is true. There is an everyday dimension and a professional work dimension to this if you work outside the home.  At work, I have been fortunate to work on very high performing teams where the collaboration is strong and an open challenger mentality has helped bring a better competitive offering to market.  I have also been on teams that have run their course and stagnated. Diagnosing that experience, it was not that work was not compelling, it was that the people were no longer growing and learning. The adage is also true, that the team is only as strong as it’s weakest link.  The weak link brings down the sum average of the 5.

On the personal side, your friend network can also build you up or tear you down.  I think it takes a  lot of years to get to a place where one can quickly identify a negative influence and shut off the oxygen supply to it. The ideal is to have a strong healthy group of friends who support each other and don’t individually demand the spotlight.  My friend group has a diverse set of talents, experiences, and above all I think the majority of the group is very confident.  This is a winning combination to set the foundation for life long friendships and stand out memories. Confidence is the enemy of insecurity.  Confidence breeds and propels people to be their best authentic selves.  When you have 5 confident and caring people, the sum average is off the charts.

How Authentic are You?  Out of curiosity, I did a little research.  There is an online assessment that scores your authentic self.  I did this assessment; part as a lark and part out of sincere interest. You can do it yourself here at Authenticity Assessment .  I took the assessment and scored a 273 out of 300.  So is 300 possible, probably. The interesting thing is the lead of this Authenticity Movement is Norma T. Hollis and she is making a career out of teaching others to  1) To be real with themselves 2) Train and coach those who want to live a fuller life and be more authentic and 3) Identify those who are passionate believers and already living an authentic life to be presenters and life coaches.  For taking the assessment, everyone gets a 30 minute live coaching session.  Great business model. If you sign up for the training $9,999/year that 30 minute investment pays off.   While, I’m unlikely to do the training because really what will an additional 27 points get me in the real world?  I am interested in having the conversation to learn more about her approach.  Free coaching, free learning, always say yes as you have little to lose.

To sum it up, being your Authentic self is allowing your true soul to be visible.  Something everyone should and can strive for.


Birthdays One More thing to Schedule or One More Thing to Celebrate?

Girls by the Numbers

It was a fun moment in time when I looked up at one of my birthday get-togethers year back and had 16 women from all different aspects of my life celebrating my birthday with me.  Friends from various jobs, friends from around home, and friends from when I was single. I had to laugh inside at the irony of it all. Growing up with three younger sisters, I was never in need of a girlfriends.  Didn’t seek them out and had enough girl power at home. To be fair, I always had one or two close girlfriends who were low maintenance, confident, and high on fun. Consciously or unconsciously, I always hung out with guys and seemed to relate to them better. I validated this decisions every time I witnessed girl drama or saw an all girl dance party.

Years later, I am stronger and better for my gang of girlfriends. The circle has become more compact and interestingly enough all live within a 7 mile radius. Being in close proximity provides for the best emergency sanity breaks. When you travel with a large crew, it can be challenging to keep up with birthday gifts, birthday cards, and organizing lunches. Here are some birthday celebration tips to ensure you can be in the moment and celebrate.

Start a Birthday Tax

1. Come to an agreement with your soul sisters that everyone will chip in a nominal fee – say 10.00.
2. If you have 10 to 16 girls, $10/head becomes $100.00 or $160.00.
3. Put all your names in an hat and pick.
4. You now have your birthday friend to buy for.
5. Team up with the gals whose own picks share the same month of the individual you have chosen. Do joint lunches or special events.
6. Consider it almost a birthday tax. The benefits are you save a heck of a lot of time and money from buying 12 individual gifts and the nice thing is by pooling money together the actual birthday recipient will receive a pretty nice gift.


Cool and Timesaving Gifts.

All of these gifts range in value from $100 – $160.00.

1. Concert tickets or ticketmaster gift certificates.

2. Stich Fix Stylist Subscription.

3. Elizabeth Arden Gift Certificate for spa treatments.

4. Rodan and Fields – Lash Boost a 135,00 treatment, this product grows amazing long eyelashes and can also fill in your brows.

5. Kendra Scott Jewelry – Very stylish and quality design.

6. Birchbox.com – Great samples of cool cosmetics, lotions, and beauty tips.

7. A personalized greeting from Fiverr.com – There are some bizarre and hilarious greetings you can have done for just five dollars.   Have someone to take a pie to the face with your greeting on it, have someone call and Sing Happy Birthday like Elvis, or one of my personal favorites have someone climb up a tree, pick a coconut with your friends name on it and sing Happy Birthday .

Joan Jett can Rock but can she Roll?

It started as a joke. Looking for something different to do, we happened upon about a “bout” featuring the Charm City Roller Girls vs. the Black-eyed Susans. Vague memories of seeing TV Roller Derby matches as a young girl came flooding back to my mind. Think girls who looked like Farrah Fawcett but were not afraid to take a hit. That’s at least what I remembered. Short silk shorts, long socks, and cool Derby nicknames on the back.  There was always a brick house villain who was THE force to be reckoned with.  What would it be like now?

Doing our Homework. We set out to go see a live match. Now, when we go observe, do not think it is passive. It is an opportunity to envision what it is like to be out there and likely pencil it in our calendars. It was a great time. I highly recommend you go see your local Roller Derby Team. I ended up getting season tickets to the Charm City Roller Girls and totally enjoyed this unique gift. There were giggles over the Roller Derby Names and talk about who in the rink resembled our own close knit friends.  Doesn’t that athletic tall one resemble Amy? Look at the star, making her way around that is just like Maggie would do it! Then we began to believe, we could take them. There was no turning back imagination became reality. Maybe it was the cocktails.

Amateur Exhibition for Charity. Guts. Glory. Rollergirls. The idea stuck but took on a new form. What if we were competing against each other? That way we could enjoy the fun of the Roller Derby, but no one gets mauled by a pro. It’s on. Here’s what we did to make it happen:

  1. Established a team name. We were St. Cecilia’s Home for Wayward Girls.
  2. Selected Roller Derby Names and had them put on personalized Roller Derby Shirts using Zazzle.com. You can still find the shirts and some hip and fabulous roller derby socks from that night on the store.
  3. Found a roller rink that we could rent for a few hours. This was probably the hardest part. Roller rinks are pretty slim picking these days but there were three to choose from in our area.  Pretty inexpensive, I think we rented on a Saturday for two hours for roughly $250/hr.
  4. Built a Playlist. In my mind, I had visualized a bad ass Joan Jett like soundtrack. A must play song was “Do You Want to Touch Me?” kind of a tongue and cheek song to skate away from your competition to.
  5. Invited Joan Jett to the event. If you are going to play Joan Jett, it would be WAY cooler to have her attend. After all, she was from Baltimore.
  6. Put a press release together to formalize the event. Try and show Joan we were serious. The cost was $99.00 to publish the release via PRWEB, and it was picked up all over the Internet. You can find the original PR release here. All releases typically follow a similar format, so feel free to model this one with your own content.
  7. Organized an Eventbrite site to take credits cards for a bundled dinner and cocktail package, Amateur Roller Derby Event, and a nominal donation to the foundation that was designated. Skating was included after the event for everyone who wanted to participate.
  8. Scheduled a place for dinner and drinks afterwards.  Had the menu organized per head so we could manage cashing out easily.

We held the event and after a really fun night that was completely entertaining, we raised roughly $1000.00 for charity. While Joan Jett never showed up to roll, we did go to see her play about a year later and the first female of rock did not disappoint

If you want to sing out, sing out, and if you want to be free…..karaoke.


We need more cowbell.  When you are in public and have an opportunity to sing in front of a room, do you jump at the chance?  Very few people do unless they have the skills to pay the bills.  If public singing, isn’t your bag, there are a few creative ways to even the playing field for a good time.

1. Visit a Norebang (노래방) which means sing room. You can find the 노래방 sign everywhere in Korea especially in entertainment districts or student areas.  If you are not in Korea, you can find sing rooms in nearly every major city and even smaller cities where there is a good representative Asian population.  The first sing room, I went to was in Sydney, Australia and the place was hilariously called Ding, Dang, Dong.  It was pretty late in the evening.  Inhibitions aside, it didn’t take much to belt out every cheesy pop song you could think of.  I found another sing room close to my home in the Washington DC area, called Irock and also visited one in London.  The name of the place in London escapes me, but it was directly across the street of Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club. If you are on that block, I would recommend skipping the sing room because Ronnie Scott’s was pretty magical.

2. Play Karaoke Roulette.  This involves attending a bar or restaurant that is offering public karaoke.  The key to karaoke roulette is that essentially someone in your group picks a song for you and you don’t what you will be singing until it’s chosen.  Like truth or dare, you can’t deny the song so be prepared to be put on the spot.

3. Make your own fun. What if you don’t have a sing room or don’t want to get your groove on in front of total strangers?  Here’s what you can do in any town where you have a decent relationship with the proprietor. My girlfriends and I took over a little wine market for our own karaoke night.  Typically, this place was not crowded.  We offered to bring a gang of fifteen, eat in and liven the place up a bit.  The market had open mike night occasionally so a microphone and speaker was already available.  With years of Halloween costumes in duffle bags, we headed out.  With everything available via apps today, I downloaded a Karaoke app on my IPAD and then we had all the makings of a great night.  Add cowbell and tambourines, it was a memorable inexpensive, girls night out only a couple of miles from home.

4. Last Tip:  Rap songs are for the advanced.  Even if you think you know every word by Mac Miller or Childish Gambino, nailing those lyrics in a crowd is not slight work. To help you stack the deck, here’s the quick list of the best songs to sing and the worst songs to sing.

The Best Songs

1. The Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup

2. Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart.

3.  Madness – Baggy Trousers

4. Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy

5. The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go

The Hardest Songs to Sing

1. I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness

2. Video Games – Lana Del Rey

3. Forgot About Dre – Eminem feat. Dr. Dre

4. Hurt – Christina Aguilera

5. Hello – Adele

So to close, find a place close buy that is willing to host a no-frills costume karaoke evening. Most local businesses are willing to show support and many have a sense of humor.  Gather up those old costumes and put them on grab bag style.  It will be a GNO, that you will remember for some time.