Joan Jett can Rock but can she Roll?

It started as a joke. Looking for something different to do, we happened upon about a “bout” featuring the Charm City Roller Girls vs. the Black-eyed Susans. Vague memories of seeing TV Roller Derby matches as a young girl came flooding back to my mind. Think girls who looked like Farrah Fawcett but were not afraid to take a hit. That’s at least what I remembered. Short silk shorts, long socks, and cool Derby nicknames on the back.  There was always a brick house villain who was THE force to be reckoned with.  What would it be like now?

Doing our Homework. We set out to go see a live match. Now, when we go observe, do not think it is passive. It is an opportunity to envision what it is like to be out there and likely pencil it in our calendars. It was a great time. I highly recommend you go see your local Roller Derby Team. I ended up getting season tickets to the Charm City Roller Girls and totally enjoyed this unique gift. There were giggles over the Roller Derby Names and talk about who in the rink resembled our own close knit friends.  Doesn’t that athletic tall one resemble Amy? Look at the star, making her way around that is just like Maggie would do it! Then we began to believe, we could take them. There was no turning back imagination became reality. Maybe it was the cocktails.

Amateur Exhibition for Charity. Guts. Glory. Rollergirls. The idea stuck but took on a new form. What if we were competing against each other? That way we could enjoy the fun of the Roller Derby, but no one gets mauled by a pro. It’s on. Here’s what we did to make it happen:

  1. Established a team name. We were St. Cecilia’s Home for Wayward Girls.
  2. Selected Roller Derby Names and had them put on personalized Roller Derby Shirts using You can still find the shirts and some hip and fabulous roller derby socks from that night on the store.
  3. Found a roller rink that we could rent for a few hours. This was probably the hardest part. Roller rinks are pretty slim picking these days but there were three to choose from in our area.  Pretty inexpensive, I think we rented on a Saturday for two hours for roughly $250/hr.
  4. Built a Playlist. In my mind, I had visualized a bad ass Joan Jett like soundtrack. A must play song was “Do You Want to Touch Me?” kind of a tongue and cheek song to skate away from your competition to.
  5. Invited Joan Jett to the event. If you are going to play Joan Jett, it would be WAY cooler to have her attend. After all, she was from Baltimore.
  6. Put a press release together to formalize the event. Try and show Joan we were serious. The cost was $99.00 to publish the release via PRWEB, and it was picked up all over the Internet. You can find the original PR release here. All releases typically follow a similar format, so feel free to model this one with your own content.
  7. Organized an Eventbrite site to take credits cards for a bundled dinner and cocktail package, Amateur Roller Derby Event, and a nominal donation to the foundation that was designated. Skating was included after the event for everyone who wanted to participate.
  8. Scheduled a place for dinner and drinks afterwards.  Had the menu organized per head so we could manage cashing out easily.

We held the event and after a really fun night that was completely entertaining, we raised roughly $1000.00 for charity. While Joan Jett never showed up to roll, we did go to see her play about a year later and the first female of rock did not disappoint

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