About Us

Girls blwoing confetti

Our Approach

When you find a good thing, you just want to share it.  The content provided here has been amassed through 10+years of living life undeterred with a fabulous group of women.  Whether you are 21 or 121 years young,  you and your girlfriends will find something that you can make your own from the Misadventures of the Hip and Fabulous.

Christine Zmuda, CEO and Founder, Hip and Fab Ventures

As a fun provocateur, risk taker, and student of life, I believe strongly that you get out of the world what you put in. The information that I am sharing would not be possible without the Hip and Fabulous set of soul sisters that I’m privileged and blessed to know.

Why Do This?

We are living at an accelerated pace. Quality human interaction is becoming a scarce commodity. You’re working full time inside or outside the home, you may be raising a family, and time is limited.

Planning special moments take time. Great ideas can travel around the world if there is a platform to enable it. Sharing these ideas may help you get out the gate quickly and helps to spread the good times!

Joy can be amplified. Someone pretty special once told me, strive to make someone feel special everyday. My gift to you is to share moments that you may repackage and localize for your friend group.