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This guide is designed for women  interested in hip and fabulous ideas for better girls nights out.  This new one of a kind book makes a unique girlfriend gift,  fun and different book club read or wonderful bridal party favor.  You can find “The Misadventures of the Hip and Fabulous” at  AmazonKindle, and  Barnes and Noble. 


The Misadventures of the Hip and Fabulous: your guide to offbeat escapades, girls nights out, and long lasting friendships by Christine Zmuda

This book is designed to provide out of the box ideas for girls nights out and memorable offbeat adventures. These ideas have been accumulated, tried, and tested from 10+ years of life with a gang of girls affectionately known as the “Hip and Fabulous™”. Each chapter has tips that you can take off the shelf or add to them to make them your own.

What You Will Learn:

• If you wanted your girlfriend to feel extra special, how would you throw a parade downtown in her honor?

• If you invited Joan Jett to your own Roller Derby Event would she come?

• What are the best and most difficult karaoke songs and do you sing louder in costume?

• Is it possible to make your laundry room a “Zen Bar” and does the laundry still get done?”

• What happens when you put a grown woman in a Ground Hog suit in the middle of downtown Washington, DC?

• Art doesn’t have to be in a museum to be art. How could you inspire your own friends to create exhibits for a gallery party in your home?

• Can you really get an honorary key to the city without being a celebrity?

• What is a more interesting venue than a hotel for a local staycation?

• Can 12  women traveling together really get along?

To inject more fun into your life and the lives of your girlfriends, this is a must have addition.  For ongoing updates on fun and friendship follow us @hipandfab on Instagram.