Birthdays One More thing to Schedule or One More Thing to Celebrate?

Girls by the Numbers

It was a fun moment in time when I looked up at one of my birthday get-togethers year back and had 16 women from all different aspects of my life celebrating my birthday with me.  Friends from various jobs, friends from around home, and friends from when I was single. I had to laugh inside at the irony of it all. Growing up with three younger sisters, I was never in need of a girlfriends.  Didn’t seek them out and had enough girl power at home. To be fair, I always had one or two close girlfriends who were low maintenance, confident, and high on fun. Consciously or unconsciously, I always hung out with guys and seemed to relate to them better. I validated this decisions every time I witnessed girl drama or saw an all girl dance party.

Years later, I am stronger and better for my gang of girlfriends. The circle has become more compact and interestingly enough all live within a 7 mile radius. Being in close proximity provides for the best emergency sanity breaks. When you travel with a large crew, it can be challenging to keep up with birthday gifts, birthday cards, and organizing lunches. Here are some birthday celebration tips to ensure you can be in the moment and celebrate.

Start a Birthday Tax

1. Come to an agreement with your soul sisters that everyone will chip in a nominal fee – say 10.00.
2. If you have 10 to 16 girls, $10/head becomes $100.00 or $160.00.
3. Put all your names in an hat and pick.
4. You now have your birthday friend to buy for.
5. Team up with the gals whose own picks share the same month of the individual you have chosen. Do joint lunches or special events.
6. Consider it almost a birthday tax. The benefits are you save a heck of a lot of time and money from buying 12 individual gifts and the nice thing is by pooling money together the actual birthday recipient will receive a pretty nice gift.


Cool and Timesaving Gifts.

All of these gifts range in value from $100 – $160.00.

1. Concert tickets or ticketmaster gift certificates.

2. Stich Fix Stylist Subscription.

3. Elizabeth Arden Gift Certificate for spa treatments.

4. Rodan and Fields – Lash Boost a 135,00 treatment, this product grows amazing long eyelashes and can also fill in your brows.

5. Kendra Scott Jewelry – Very stylish and quality design.

6. – Great samples of cool cosmetics, lotions, and beauty tips.

7. A personalized greeting from – There are some bizarre and hilarious greetings you can have done for just five dollars.   Have someone to take a pie to the face with your greeting on it, have someone call and Sing Happy Birthday like Elvis, or one of my personal favorites have someone climb up a tree, pick a coconut with your friends name on it and sing Happy Birthday .

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