Vegas Then…….and Vegas Now

Vegas Then

It was the first girls trip that we took about 10 years ago. Centered around the Iheart Radio concert, we all piled on an excuse to get away. There were six of us. It was timed pretty much right after the first Hangover movie was released. Our friend Amy was ahead of the pack in organizing. She had us listed on every VIP club in advance of landing. She was meeting with concierges to confirm or upgrade our experiences. It was great. She was all in.

The weekend started as expected with some pool time, a little gambling, and a catch up from a friend who had flown in from San Francisco. Then Saturday night hit. Pre game before the concert had everyone feeling like they owned the place.  Dressed up for a big night complete with high heels we continue

We left our cocktail hour to move into the concert venue. As we were shuffling in with the crowd, I look to my right. It’s Mike Tyson. Like Mike Tyson, from the Hangover movie. Complete with a face tattoo and an entourage. I just smiled and gave him a punch on his upper very muscular arm.  I said “Hey Mike Tyson, it’s great to see you. Enjoy the show.” He giggled and laughed. It was like we had entered our own version of the movie.

The concert was great. It was an mish mash line up of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Salt n Peppa, and closed with Elton John who was just mind blowing amazing. Especially when you were in arms distance of his piano. Special memory that is hard to top. Concert disburses. Amy on the case gets us all into Pure. As we walk in through the VIP line, we notice a crowd surging a bit. We go into a side room with a bar that is about the size of half of a basketball court. Then PDiddy jumps on the side rail next to the DJ and starts pouring Cîroc and performing. At that point in the evening, we had failed stilleto bootcamp. Feet screaming in pain, it was just time to do a shot of vodka. Not for the buzz, but to quet the throbbing that was our feet after being out in Vegas all night with high heel boots and pumps.

In the end, it was a laugh riot and magical night. No one went missing. No one ended up with a baby that was not theirs and no one was left tied up in trunk. Success.

Vegas Now

As I go there for business, Vegas now is not about mixing with the celebrities or even late nights. When I go for work, I always find it strange that there are slot machines dispensing coins on my way to meetings during the day. I find it strange that you can see the “talent” working business men throughout the day and evening. I am typically home like Cinderella by midnight. I will gamble one night because you should if you are in Vegas.  Even farther from the experience of the Hangover movie, but at times still surreal.

Why destination Vegas? I guess it’s just a screaming good deal for a large company to bring their sales force to. All that aside, having to go their multiple times a year, it is a good business case for combat pay don’t you think?

They See Me Rowin’, they be hating.

Kayaking Tips and Tricks

We scored some really reasonably priced kayaks and they float! So here’s a some good information for novice kayakers like us. A few things that I learned and I’m passing it along to get your straight into that water.

A couple tips:

1. It’s easy to get started you don’t need to own a kayak to get on the water. Anywhere close to water typically has a paddle shop where you can do an intro lesson or guided tour. Visit for a local spot.

2. So if you are wondering, why might kayaks be better than say a canoe?  Here is the list with credit provided to Thoughtco:

  • Kayaks are easier for beginners to paddle solo.
  • Kayaks are more maneuverable than canoes.
  • Kayaks can keep gear dryer than canoes.
  • Kayaks are faster — 2 blades are better than one!
  • Kayaks can handle rougher conditions than canoes.
  • Kayaks won’t take on water when waves come over the bow.
  • Kayaks keep the paddler protected from the elements.
  • Kayaks are lighter to carry and easier to load on a roof rack.
  • Kayaks can include rudders to compensate for wind and currents.
  • Kayaks allow the paddler to be closer to the water, which is a great feeling.

3. Recreational kayakers need a life jacket, paddle, immersion clothing, rack/trailer for transportation, and a kayak.

4. Try to overlook the unflattering gear.
In other sports, players wear sexy, tight uniforms that define their butts and muscles. No such luck here. Kayakers have huge drysuits, and they are always wearing these very strange looking “skirts.

5.  Kayak safety tips are super important.  Here’s the quick list with more details on this link from  .   Things know:

  • Don’t drink alcohol and paddle. Water is unforgiving and you need to have all your senses in tact.
  • Always wear a life jacket.
  • Plan for the elements. Bring gear that is water resistant and be prepared to layer up or layer down.
  • choose an appropriate locations for your paddle skill level.
  •  Practice getting in and out of the kayak in the water so you are comfortable doing so.

Enjoy the ride!